Start Up Lectures 2011-12

Start Up Lectures 2011-12; poster designed by Annette Sonnewend.

The so-called Start Up Lectures of the Fellowship Program for Art and Theory 2011-12 will take place in Büchsenhausen at 7 pm on Friday, 21 October, 2018.

In this context the new fellows – Susan KELLY, Ivana MARJANOVIĆ, Sandra SCHÄFER, Lan TUAZON – will introduce themselves and their work, and provide some insight into their respective proposals for the coming months.

• Susan KELLY
Asking, We Walk… Jurisdictions, Militant Research and Performance: in the case of South London

Post-turbo-fascist space and resistance practices in Europe.
The case of former Yugoslavia

• Sandra SCHÄFER
On the set of 1978ff

The Fault of Form

Lan TUAZON (*1976 in the Philippines) is an artist living and working in New York. Her art practice addresses the order of things as it relates to built and imaginary environments. She has exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, New York (solo), Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (solo), the Bucharest Biennale 4, and the Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart.

Sandra SCHÄFER is an artist and writer based in Berlin. Her works deal with the representation of gender, urbanism and (post-)colonialism. She works with a focus on film and video installations and collaborates with artists and theorists in Kabul, Tehran, London, Barcelona and Berlin.

Ivana MARJANOVIĆ (born 1979 in Yugoslavia) is a freelance cultural producer in the field of contemporary arts and theory. She is co-founder of the Kontekst Gallery and member of the Kontekst Collective in Belgrade.

Susan KELLY is an artist, writer and educator currently living in London. She writes, does performances, public artwork and installations and is a lecturer in Fine Art and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Susan Kelly works independently and collectively with the Micropolitics Research Group, the Carrotworkers’ Collective and the Precarious Workers Brigade. Over the last ten years she has worked in Belfast, New York, Toronto, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Tallin, Zagreb, Innsbruck and elsewhere.

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