The Alpine Paradise and the Places of Power

Cristian Rusu’s lecture addressed representational cliches and design regimes using the examples of the “Alpine country” and Landhausplatz in Innsbruck (Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz, in the version prior to its redesign in 2011): “My previous experience as an artist and citizen has made me very aware of my relationship to public space. I come from a country (Romania), where public space was continuously abused and distorted, even when it was supposedly redesigned. It is because of this that Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz in Innsbruck caught my particular attention […].”

Cristian Rusu designed a folded booklet containing an analysis of the square that was distributed throughout the city.

Cristian RUSU works as an artist, stage designer and lecturer in Cluj/RO. He is member of the artist group Duo van der Mixt (together with Mihai Pop).

Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Weiherburggasse 13
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