Widerklang der Seele

with Eric BAYALA and Birgit ENGLERT

Filmstill "Widerklang der Seele", Kibidoué Eric Bayala (Director), Tyrol (AT), 2017.

In search of the music of minorities, the film Widerklang der Seele [The Resound of the Soul] (75min., 2017) invites you to take part in the Tyrolean migrant music scene. Besides Reggae, classic guitar sound, Latin music, Kurdish Flamenco, spiritual songs, „Gypsie“-Roma music and Hip Hop, issues of living conditions and value systems will be regarded in which world music comes into being.

The documentary intends to present Tyrol’s musical diversity as well as aesthetic features of multicultural music. In doing so, the musicians’ political message and their invitation to build cultural bridges with the help of music will be emphasised. Additionally, the film implies to what extent world music remains in exotic monocultures despite a mutual demand, and how it contributes to a re-ethnicizing in terms of a „multiculturalism of nations“. After the screening the audience will be invited to discuss these aspects with director Eric Bayala and Africanist Birgit Englert.

Eric Bayala (Director)
Birgit Englert (Department of African Studies/University of Vienna)

Andrei Siclodi (Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen)

Südwind Tirol, Arbeitskreis Globales Lernen, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen

Trailer Widerklang der Seele, 2017

Birgit ENGLERT studied African Studies at the University of Vienna and has been working for the department of African Studies since 2001. During her lenghty study- and research stays, she was based in London, Bordeaux and Halifax as well as different places in Tanzania. After a doctorate degree on the subject of territorial law in Tanzania, she has focused in recent years on African popular culture and the African Diaspora. She is co-founder and managing editor of the journal Stichproben. Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien (engl.: Samples. Viennese Journal of critical African Studies). Currently, she is head of a FWF-project (engl.: Fund for the promotion of academic research) about popular culture in translocal spaces, and within this context has released, together with Andres Carvajal, a film on Comorian musicians in Marseille. The examination of the label ‘World Music’ is at the center of her latest research.


Eric BAYALA (Director) is liable for script and direction of Widerklang der Seele [The Resound of the Soul] and chairman of the association Sahel Tirol.

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