Judith Klemenc

amen. seeing the light of the world, 2020. Long leg panties, stockings, padding, lamp. 30 × 30 × 300 cm each. Photo: Daniel Jarosch.

In her artistic work–encompassing objects, installations, videos and performances–Judith KLEMENC undertakes a rigorous investigation of the reality-creating, transformative potential of art. Along the subtle differentiating lines between body and language, the question of gender is repeatedly at issue. Gender identity, sexual orientation, social referencing, the genesis of physicality–artistic handling of these questions represents a translation from the intelligible to the sensual. Scientific research leads to an aesthetic, and therefore all the more transformative formal language. Klemenc’s signature is fundamentally evident here: Criticism of the structures of socio-political violence immanent in images and language never comes from the outside, but always arises in the midst of existing conditions. Her art does not stop at criticism, but is capable of mobilizing new associations and opening up humane spaces for reflection. An ethical-aesthetic aspiration is central to the artist’s work, therefore: the acceptance of all people along with their various vulnerabilities.

Text: Elisabeth Schäfer

Judith Klemenc studied ceramics and sculpture at Vienna School of Art, education/research in women’s studies at the Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck, and art and handicrafts education at the Mozarteum Salzburg. For one year she immersed herself in the art of language at the University of Applied Art, Vienna.
Her career has included numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Recently, she has preferred public space as a social playground where experiences are generated, broken down, enforced and negotiated–but also where they can be revealed and delineated, so changing the relationships between individuals and society.