Kristina Kapeljuh: 365 Days of War

Poster series by Kristina Kapeljuh on the occasion of 24 February

Kristina Kapeljuh, 365 Days of War, 2023. Photo: Daniel Jarosch

Poster series | 4 posters with 6 infographics each (risograph prints)

Not to forget and not to accept war as a normality – this is the aim of the art project by Kristina Kapeljuh, a Ukrainian-born artist currently living in Innsbruck. 24 February 2023 marks the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. One year later, air raid warnings and shelling, fear and displacement are still part of everyday life for Ukrainians, and there is no end in sight. On this occasion, the project 365 Days of War was launched: In collaboration with Office Ukraine Innsbruck, Kristina Kapeljuh has designed graphics based on statistical data referring to the war and its consequences, which she printed with a risograph and assembled into four different posters. As of 20 February 2023, the posters will be on display in the streets of Innsbruck for two weeks. The facts and figures, compiled from various sources, give a picture of the humanitarian, socio-economic, and political consequences and background of the Russo-Ukrainian war. How many people have fled? How far away is the war from us? How often is everyday life in Ukraine interrupted by air raid alarms? The numbers help to visualize the extent and reality of the war, as behind every number are personal fates, destroyed future prospects, and lost lives.

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Kristina KAPELJUH (b. 1997, Ukraine) graduated from the Master’s program Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art (UK), studied Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art (UK) and was an exchange student at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland). She participated in residency programs in Ukraine, Austria, Slovenia, and Iceland. Currently she is a printmaking teacher and artist in residence at bilding, School of Art and Architecture in Innsbruck (Austria). Her work has been exhibited in Austria, China, France, Germany, Iceland, Poland, Switzerland, and the UK. Kapeljuh‘s practice intertwines various printmaking techniques, intuitive drawing and digital media.


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