Fellowship Program for Art and Theory 2021–22

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The Fellowship in 2021–2022 is a five-month fellowship, possible from 3 October, 2021 – 18 June, 2022. Therefore, it is required to mark at least five months of stay in the list given below. For more detailed information please go to the menu item Call for Application and read carefully the section ‘Fellowship Program’.

Please mark exactly five months and consider in your planning:
The Orientation Weeks in October,
the First Focus Weeks in January
the Second Focus Weeks in March/April
and the opening of the group exhibition at the end of the Fellowship Program in May or June.

The applicants are requested to take note that the time period of the Fellowhsip, as well as the Fellowhsip duration may vary due to changing restrictions and measurements related to the COVID-19 pandemic which are beyond control of Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen.

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